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Unearthing Ancient America

Unearthing Ancient America
by Frank Joseph

Unearthing Ancient America describes a medallion left in Michigan by Buddhist missionaries from India a thousand years ago, a 5th Century Christian church in Connecticut, the Grand Canyon's underground city, a Roman statuette washed up at New Jersey, secret maps of America Columbus used for his first voyage to the New World, an Inca skeleton in Norway's Viking grave, Florida's own Stonehenge, and thirty other articles by twenty-three investigators describing the impact made by overseas' visitors to our continent centuries before its official discovery.

Illustrated with thirty original photographs, Unearthing Ancient America re-writes the textbooks by unveiling the lost prehistory of our country.

It contains a wealth of fresh, occasionally suppressed evidence documenting the tremendous impact made on our continent by overseas visitors hundreds and even thousands of years before Columbus. The disclosures presented here re-write the prehistory of our country and provide a dramatic panorama of the past you never imagined before.

The distinguished list of contributing writers to Unearthing Ancient America includes:

  • Wayne May, founder and publisher of Ancient American magazine
  • Gunnar Thompson, PhD, author of American Discovery
  • Nobuhiro Yoshida, language professor from the University of Kyushu
  • William Donato, the world's leading authority on the "Bimini Road"
  • David Hatcher Childress, founder of The World Explorers Club and head of Adventures Unlimited Press
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