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The Energy Solution Revolution

The Energy Solution Revolution
by Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.

This book explores the reality, promise and ongoing suppression of breakthrough clean and free energy research, from the perspective a veteran futurist and energy scientist, who has witnessed and reported on the experiments first-hand. Dr. O’Leary skillfully and passionately weaves the environmental mandate we all face, into the coming energy revolution, which he foresees as the only viable answer to humanity’s current global predicament. Within his
conclusions, he confronts the roots and rationale behind the tyranny whose purpose is to move us further away from the world of abundance which free energy could provide. The Energy Solution Revolution is a wake-up-call to transform planetary culture from one dominated by capitalistic self-interest, pointless wars, ecocide and dirty energy, into one where the bulk of humanity can at last come together with compassion for all creation – before it’s too late.

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