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The Word and The Way

The Word and The Way
by TAE


At no time since man was brought into being capable of everlasting life has he been left without the revelation to him of the Word, and of the Way. In the early days, before man’s understanding had ripened, this knowledge was revealed to him by beings who had his unfoldment in their charge. They taught him that there was and is an Unseen Power greater than man, and they delivered to him commandments from that Unseen Power as to how man should live. But those days are past, and man in this day, being matured in the capacity to understand, to know, shall learn to draw directly from the universe, which is before him. No teaching, or dogma, or doctrine may stand before the universe of being in which man is set. Within it is to be found, opening ever in fresh wonder and magnitude, the nature and purpose of existence, the answer to every question that man may desire to ask. In this day man stands as one free of the past before the fountain of All Truth which awaits his capacity to receive it and to comprehend it as it is unveiled before his understanding.

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