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Etheric Vision and What It Reveals

Etheric Vision and What It Reveals
by Anonymous



The material in this booklet is a reprint (with some revisions and additions) of monthly lessons sent out by The Rosicrucian Fellowship to its members, and is a summary of studies and researches conducted by the students in the Esoteric Section of the Fellowship. The conclusions reached, as is often the case in scientific investigations, may have to be revised in the light of future developments and work.
Although Max Heindel had not completed his researches in the ethers at the time of his passing in January, 1919, he left a substantial foundation and what he gave is standing up well under the impact of even the latest scientific findings. He stated many times that the Brothers of the Rose Cross work through scientists and with science; they do not limit their activities to students and probationers of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, nor to any other specific group. This is an endeavor for ALL humanity, pointing toward the actual establishment of universal brotherhood on our earth.
The Western Wisdom Teachings were given in a basic form through Max Heindel; a basic physical science come forth through academic representatives. Mankind, consciously and unconsciously, are preparing for the Aquarian Age, when science will be religious and religion scientific. Meanwhile each aspirant must add his small bit to the ever−extending coral reef of knowledge.

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