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Brains and Realities

Brains and Realities
by Jay Alfred

Can human beings perceive reality directly?

Can we enter into a mode where space and time are meaningless but which feels more real than anything you've ever experienced?

It is a common theme in religious theory, particularly in the East, that the reality we perceive in our everyday waking consciousness is an illusion - much as a stick in water appears 'broken' because of the refracting light.

Most of us would dismiss this suggestion, except for the fact that Science is beginning to say the same. Modern physics clearly points out that we live in a universe where space and time may be stubborn illusions.

The intriguing question is: How did mystics who lived more than 2,000 years ago come to the same conclusions without the aid of scientific instruments or advanced mathematics? Is there really a timeless and spaceless sphere that we can access here and now by merely altering processes in the human brain?

This book aims to answer this question. It also provides insights on how our dark bioplasma bodies (whose existence is theorized by Dark Plasma Theory) communicate with our biochemcial brains and the effect of brain laterlization on the post-mortem state of our dark bioplasma bodies.

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