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Meslom's Messages from the Life Beyond

Meslom's Messages from the Life Beyond
by Mary A. Mc Evilly


January 29, 1917
MOTHER! I am here, but I can't tell you much. Meslom will help me. He is not very well known to me. I never knew I could come back. I have been asleep and lost a long time. I am just awakening and I am all in a tremor to think I am really alive yet and able to see you. I can come to you from time to time. Meslom will help me – I can come – I am already stronger. I went away too soon but now I can make up for the time I wasted .  L. has been obliged to stop. He is not yet strong enough to do much but I brought you together and you are to help and be a great power.  L. is not suffering – he is only just awakened. He was brought to consciousness by his mother's wish to communicate. L. is here again. Yes, I am here and I am so glad I am alive again. Oh! mother darling, I am so thankful and so happy to be with you. I am free from suffering. I am alive, alive! and all awake to the wonders about me. But remember I have been asleep. Your wish to speak to me has awakened me. I am alive! I am not able to tell you much, but I am filled with such a tremendous joy of life that I cannot imagine going back. I can come to you again and I can tell you much. Meslom is going to teach me and says I can come when you and Mary arrange. I have no choice – it is for you to say.  I am alive again and so happy, but I can't tell you much. I appear to be in a wonderful light and in a marvellous country of perfect conditions – I can see –– rain but the conditions are perfect. I will bring him again but not to-day. He is a fine nature and will develop quickly and be a great help.

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