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Tibetan Sage

Tibetan Sage
by T. Lobsang Rampa

TUSDAY LOBSANG RAMPA RETURNS TO THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS Explore the depths of the unknown with the masterful Lama as he probes the history of the Earth -- Past, Present and Distant Future! Along with his trusted guided Rampa reenters the cave of the ancients and is taken on a tour of the Hall of Records. Here he is permitted to observe ancient events as well as view scenes from our planet's chaotic future soon to effect us all. Examine with the author: 0 - The lives of the great Sages who live to be two or three hundred years old while maintaining a youthful appearance. 0 The existence of an uncharted orb that entered our atmosphere and almost destroyed the Earth thousands of years ago -- which may return in our lifetime. 0 The reality of lost worlds long before Atlantis and their inhabitants, many of them weird looking, "half human, half animal" hybrid-type creatures. 0 The evils of fossil fuel and how the use of petroleum can lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people. 0 How other civilizations from other planets migrated here in antiquity and how some of them have remained here "hidden from view." 0 The reality of parallel universe and its effects of what we think we know about earth's history. This was one of Rampa's books and should not be missed. Add it to your library.

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