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by T. Lobsang Rampa

SECRETS ONLY KNOWN TO THE ANCIENTS In this work, Rampa says, "There are certain places in the Earth where it is possible for the initiate to travel downward into the center of the Earth, and meet representatives of that inner civilization, and among quite a number of people there is a definite knowledge that people from the inner world DO come out to converse with those of the surface.Then there are the tunnels from Tibet to the inner world and the tunnels from Brazil to the inner world...and one tunnel beneath the greater Pyramids." In addition to a belief in the Inner Earth reality, Rampa explores UFOs, Astral Projection, the Laws of Kharma, Hypnotism, and tells readers how to cope with modern day life. Pampa always considered this among the most vital of his works and it was his wish to share TWILIGHT with as large an audience as possible.

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