What do some scientists say about the afterlife?

This is actually a very strange question. It is the underlying implications and inferences deduced from asking the question that makes it strange and troublesome. It is asked because Science and the Materialist philosophy that it launched (perhaps, inadvertently) has become a religion in its own right with its own priesthood. As such, a certain class of people (scientists) are revered and whatever they espouse are reverentialy taken as gospel. Unfortunately, much like the priesthoods of other religions, the dogma and doctrines of the individuals wearing the priestly garb of white lab coats, working in churches and temples called universities and research institutions, filled with altars of sacred instrumentation and holy gadgets, end up saying very little about the afterlife and the mystery that is life.

These specialists perform specific rituals, known as "experimentation" to perform "research studies" similar to invocations and spell casting. Not unlike the "mystery" schools, there are levels within the priesthood, from initiate to adept to master and various Orders to which they belong called Department of Biology or Physics Department or Psychology Department and the like. I know, I went through these "mysteries" to get my Ph.D. Not unlike performing magick, the scientists (magicians) don lab coats (ceremonial robes), schedule the timing (planetary alignments) of the test (ceremony), prepare the lab (circle) by checking and sanitizing (clearing or cleansing bad energy) the laboratory implements (tools) in order to successfully localize and control the variables (correct vibrations) to perform the experiments (rituals). If the outcome of the spell (oops…the test) is positive, then the hypothesis (intention) of the scientist (magician) is said to be confirmed.

Regardless of what Science says in its textbooks (err…bibles) about the use of the scientific method, its experimental design, and its controls in delineating physical, psychological, and social laws, there is no true objectivity involved. Each scientist performs experiments with the intention of validating some hypothesis, which in more cases than not, upholds the Materialist Doctrine of Reality…a dogma which has infiltrated all school bibles (err…textbooks) used to create new converts. While still not openly admitted, it is now known that the object of the experiment is not separate from the perceiver. In essence, the intention of the perceiver or scientist influences the outcome. Welcome to quantum reality at the macro level.

Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here? Where are you going? These are the BIG QUESTIONS…the BIG PICTURE. Fortunately, there are scientists who have and are viewing their work and those of others in relation to these important questions. The list of scientists below is only a small representative sample of a much larger and rapidly growing group of heretics who totally understand the scientific method and the often arcane results produced from within. They brilliantly organize pieces of diverse findings across many fields and "orders" to complete the puzzle – a Puzzle Solution, by the way, quite different from current scientific dogma and doctrine.

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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife - 4th Edition
by Victor Zammit


The following was dictated by William Cadwell in Sydney on 11 August 2006. William died in 1897. He is the spirit entity controlling a series of remarkable materialization experiments from the “next world” through the mediumship of David Thompson.

Any reader who picks up Mr. Zammit’s book will see by his empirical evidence, his truth, his honesty and his clarity of mind that he has taken the time to investigate the true purpose of the human soul’s transition from the state of living within the Earth vibration to the state of what is known as the next life.

There is much information contained within these pages that readers, be they novice or learned in the understanding of life after death, will find interesting.

This book can surely change the inquirer’s mind to understand that [whereas] once they thought that death was the end, that their mind will be released of the bondage of uncertainty and that they will surely see that life exists beyond the grave.

Mr. Zammit has done a great service to humanity by allowing the world to share with his findings.

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The G.O.D. Experiments
by Gary Schwartz - William L. Simon

According to highly esteemed scientist Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., there is compelling scientific evidence that we no longer have to accept God on faith alone. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Harvard University-educated Dr. Schwartz blends psychology, quantum physics, and mathematics to examine the science of spirit. And since faith and science are not mutually exclusive, Dr. Schwartz gives a better understanding of their relationship, explaining how God operates in everything we do.

Scientifically rigorous and spiritually reassuring, The G.O.D. Experiments is a wake-up call for anyone who wonders about life's true meaning and longs to believe in the existence of a universal intelligence.

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Science and Immortality
by Sir Oliver Lodge

This book is based upon articles by the author which have appeared in the Hibbert Journal and in the Contemporary Reviewj and incorporates the substance of many of those articles; but they have been revised, in parts re-written, added to, and amended, so as to develop a continuous treatment.

They are arranged in four sections or divisions: The first treats of the old problems of science and faith, of belief in the miraculous, and in the efficacy of prayer; and adduces justification for some of those beliefs.

The second is mainly concerned with what are commonly considered Ecclesiastical matters that is to say with Church organisation and with Public Service of all kinds. The third concerns what is called the Future Life, and treats of the Immortality of theS oul. The fourth represents the interaction betweenS cience and Christianity.
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