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Power of the Plus Factor

Power of the Plus Factor
by Norman Vincent Peale

You can fulfill your desires, realize your dreams, and find true happiness! You already have the power to achieve all this -- and much more. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, one of the most popular and inspirational writers of all time, explains how you can tap this inexhaustible reserve of energy within you. The key is the Plus Factor which, when activated, will give you the motivation to do what you want to do and to achieve health, confidence, and security.

Learn how the Plus Factor can add vitality and excitement to every area of your life through

* the unlocking of your potential through creative dreaming

* the setting of positive goals that will enrich your inner self

* overcoming setbacks by persistence and perseverance in obtaining your goals

* and much more!

Find out today how the Plus Factor can change your life!

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