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How To Learn Astrology

How To Learn Astrology
by Michael Erlewine

As its title suggests, this is a book on how to learn astrology for yourself and use it in day-to-day life.

This book amounts to a complete course in astrology (over 518 pages, 407 illustrations) from master astrologer Michael Erlewine. Erlewine, who is an award-winning archivist and director of the Heart Center Astrological Library (the largest astrology library in North America research) has over 40 years experience as an astrological author, teacher, and counselor.

Here is what Erlewine says about "How to Use Astrology:" "As the curator of a very large astrological library, I have a good idea what students of astrology are looking for, and one thing that is needed are plenty of accurate diagrams and color illustrations.

The old saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words is especially true with astrology, and that is why I was interested in creating a course such as this one, where the emphasis is also on what astrology means.

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