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The Culture of Courage

The Culture of Courage
by Frank C. Haddock

For all may have, If they dare choose, a glorious life. Herbert. I HAVE received many letters from people who are distressed by their fears. To every such an one let me send this assured message: You can grow in your soul a perfect courage. The methods adapted to this ideal are simple, not impossible to any, and will become less and less difficult as you continue to make them more and more a real part of your life. I do not say, Be courageous. I do not say, Destroy your fears. Such advice is common enough, but it is altogether barren unless you know how to carry it out. I hope, rather, to present methods which shall be definite and practical, so that you will be able to do the very thing needful.

These methods, in the large, I now announce as follows: First Method: The Inspiration of theS ubconscious Mind. You are invited, always through the reading of this book and during life, to believe, assume and realize I Am Growing In My Soul a Perfect Courage. Second Method: The Elimination ofF ear. This is the negative phase of our work.
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