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Fairyland of Science

Fairyland of Science
by Arabella Buckley

Arabella B. Buckley (1840 - 1929) was a writer and science educator. She began as a secretary and when her boss died she then started lecturing and writing on various scientific topics. This collection of essays was written in the hopes of inspiring and bringing science to life for her audience. The Table of Contents includes, The Fairy-Land of Science; How to Enter It; How to Use It; And How to Enjoy It, Sunbeams, and the Work They Do, The Aerial Ocean in Which We Live, A Drop of Water on its Travels, The Two Great Sculptors - Water and Ice, The Voices of Nature, and How We Hear Them, The Life of a Primrose, The History of a Piece of Coal, Bees in the Hive, and Bees and Flowers.

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