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Exploring Wicca

Exploring Wicca
by Lady Sabrina

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world practice or wish to practice Wicca on their own. This book serves as both a beginner’s guide for those exploring Wicca for the first time, as well as a "refresher" to bring seasoned Witches up to speed.

Exploring Wicca provides an overview of Witchcraft and the many ways it is practiced today. It explains exactly how you can become a Wiccan practitioner and live a magickal life. Lady Sabrina teaches how to cast spells for love, money, personal success, and renewed health, as well as how to reconnect with nature and the powers of the universe.

In addition to describing the magickal arts, this newly revised and expanded edition of Exploring Wicca explains the principles and ideals that govern the practice of Wicca, including hands-on advice for spellwork and sample rituals for celebrations and worship. It contains everything the seeker needs:

- Principles governing the Wiccan religion. - History of Wicca and the beliefs of the Celtic Druids. - The Charge of the Goddess and Charge of the God. - Principles of nature and its sacred symbols. - Importance of Wiccan myth and scripture. - Using the Cauldron and Stang.

Through Exploring Wicca, readers will discover the roots of Wiccan beliefs, explore Wiccan scripture, learn to create sacred space and how to invoke the God and Goddess.

The Wiccan religion is unique in that it lacks the hierarchical structure and doctrine imposed by most organized religions—there is no spiritual leader to dictate morals or impose punishment.

And there is no specific doctrine that must be followed, except, perhaps, for the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you will." By following Lady Sabrina’s simple, straightforward approach, anyone can learn to become a priest or priestess of the Wiccan religion.

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