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Beyond the Five Senses

Beyond the Five Senses
by L.M. Bazett

AUTHOR’S PREFACE: This volume deals with certain phenomena that one comes across when stepping out of the world of sense to that which lies beyond it; that is, to the supernormal or transcendental, or whatever people prefer to call it. It covers a number of very diverse perceptions; and there are, of course, others beyond these in so vast a field of research. In this region of supersense, we may expect to find the mind expanding beyond normal limits, reaching out to individuals over any distance (in a telepathic sense) and picking up threads here and there from bygone periods of history. Likewise, this extended sight reaches out into the future, perceiving what has not as yet come within normal vision. Both these functions touch upon that much-debated question of the nature of Time.

Other examples point to the mind being able in some degree to overcome the limitations of space. Others would suggest that even physical death may no longer prove so formidable a barrier as formerly, in view of these extended powers of the mind. As yet, knowledge along these lines is limited, but there is hope that much may come to light as research progresses.

Taking all in conjunction, we can assume that in this region beyond sense-perception there is at work a definite law or laws, although of a different order from those which obtain in this world of sense-apprehension. From all this, we may infer that purpose and design are in operation, and that they touch vitally the life and destiny of mankind. Such order within the universe as we now dimly perceive leaves little place for the supposition that the phenomena here described are extraneous to modern thought. It were truer to say that strange and unclassifiable though many of them appear, they may eventually prove to have considerable signifcance in their relation to psychology, religion, and other departments of human knowledge.

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