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Concerning The Three Principles of the Divine Essence v1

Concerning The Three Principles of the Divine Essence v1
by Jacob Boehme

Volume one of two volumes. (The following description is for both volumes.) Edited by John Sparrow.

Of the Eternal, Dark, Light, and Temporary World. Showing What the Soul, the Image and the Spirit of the Soul are; and also what Angels, Heaven, and Paradise are. How Adam was before the Fall, in the Fall, and after the Fall. And what the Wrath of God, Sin, Death, the Devils and Hell are.How all things have been, now are, and how they shall be at the Last.

Some have complained of the hardness to understand his writings, and therefore I have endeavored the Englishing of this book of the Three Principles, which, the author saith, is the A, B, C to all his writings; and if they read it carefully, they will find it, though hard at first, easy at last, and then all his other books easy, and full of deep understanding.

A man cannot conceive the wonderful knowledge before he hath read this book thoroughly and diligently, which he will find to be contained in it.

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