What is Death?

Good question, heh? Well how about some quotes from Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of Edward White Benson, former Archbishop of Canterbury. Oh by the way, these quotes were given by the good Monsigner, after he "died".

"I have already spoken to you concerning my own passage to this world of spirit. It was easy and comfortable, and I was certainly not aware of any distress when the actual moment arrived ... As far as I was concerned there was no shock or struggle, no unpleasant circumstances of any description...the person who has just passed into spirit lands goes to his own self-appointed place...there is no such thing as being judged at any time, either by the Father of the Universe or by any single soul that lives in the spirit world. There is no Judgement Day." (Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia, pg 10, 1959).

Who better to tell us than one who has already passed on, right? Death, Eternal Hellfire and Damnation, as it has been popularly portrayed by organized religion or Death as the ultimate Individual Extinction event into Nothingness presented by the ignorant or materialist skeptics has produced nothing but mass fear and servitude and is based on not one iota of concrete evidence of any kind. The books below, and the whole slew of them listed on this site, and even more that are not listed here, but easily found through other sources on the internet, give plenty of evidence that THERE IS NO DEATH, never has been nor ever will be PERIOD!

Tis time to realize we are all infinite beings on a journey together to evolve into greater beings than we presently are. ALL THAT IS, God, Great Spirit or whatever you wish to call the Creator of this Universe and others, cherishes individuality, creativity, and play with a Love which we need only look at earth, nature and the stars to begin to understand.

Seems appropriate to end this with another quote from the good Monsignor, "What [man] does not realize is that he is a spirit, first, last, and always. The physical body is merely a vehicle for his spirit body upon his journey through his earthly life." Once you realize this, fear dissolves, joy returns, and you can begin to play again.

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After Life: Answers from the Other Side
by John Edward

What happens after we die?

The acclaimed medium takes his talents to new levels and new countries! For After Life, John and a documentary crew traveled to Australia and across the United States, where he demonstrated once again that grief, healing, and hope are eternally intertwined. He answers his fans' most-asked questions about the mediumship process and how it works, while revealing his own personal life as a husband and new father. Edward also shares what he’s learned through his own personal losses and demonstrates that it’s never too late to forgive…and never too far away to love.

John also connects with celebrities both here and on the other side.

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Here and Hereafter
by Anthony Borgia

From the Introduction:...Would it not be a relief to many minds, then, if they knew something, even if only a little, about the possible or probable state of their being after they have made the change from this life to the next? In other words, what sort of place is the next world? The only way to find out is to ask someone who lives there, and to record what is said. And the latter is precisely what has been done in this present volume...[afterlife communication from Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson]

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The Road to Immortality - Description of the After-life Communicated by the late F.W.H. Myers
by Geraldine Cummins

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