What's some proof for afterlife existence or life after death?

From an analytical perspective, proof of the afterlife can be somewhat nebulous. It is difficult to measure, in absolute mathematical terms, the existence of life after death. However, many people have documented their experiences in a variety of books, web sites and videos. And, to date, no one has disproved the existence of life after death.

The books below present an extraordinary amount of evidence for survival after death.

  • Victor Zammit's book in particular spans an enormous range of phenomena supporting the continuation of life after the earthly sojourn is over. Each chapter could stand alone as convincing evidence for life after death.
  • Stephen Braude presents a scholarly and erudite delineation and analysis of psychic events, especially of the Patience Worth phenomenon.
  • The Scole experiment arguably presents the greatest evidence of afterlife and mediumship phenomena ever recorded.
  • David Fontana's work, Is There an Afterlife?, covers a tremendous amount of information in a scholarly, yet approachable fashion. He delves deeply into mediumship and reviews hauntings, near death experiences and much more.

It was not easy choosing from among the 300 books classified within our Afterlife section. Read, study, and learn for yourself. It is no longer necessary to have "faith" in an afterlife, the current and mounting evidence is there for all to see and to finally KNOW.

To those who wish to remain skeptical, well...replicate the results of these authors' findings using purely earthly means. Perhaps then you will find that your skepticism is quite misplaced. Remember, Photoshop and cinemagraphic special effects didn't exist 100 years ago or even at a generally accessible level 30 years ago.

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Immortal Remains
by Stephen Braude

Do you believe in ghosts? Chances are you're either too willing, or not willing enough, to believe that personal consciousness survives after bodily death. Some underestimate the evidence for life after death, not realizing how impressive the most convincing cases are. Others overestimate it, rejecting alternative explanations too readily. In fact, several non-survivalist explanations--hidden or latent linguistic or artistic talents, extreme memory, even psychic abilities--are as interesting as the hypothesis of survival, and may be more plausible than their critics realize.

Immortal Remains takes a fresh look at some of the most puzzling cases suggesting life after death, and considers how to tell evidence for an afterlife from evidence for exotic things (including psychic things) done by the living. Author Stephen E. Braude, who has done extensive research in parapsychology and dissociation, explores previously ignored issues about dissociation, creativity, linguistic skills, and the nature and limits of human abilities. He concludes that we have some reason, finally, for believing in life after death.

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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife - 4th Edition
by Victor Zammit


The following was dictated by William Cadwell in Sydney on 11 August 2006. William died in 1897. He is the spirit entity controlling a series of remarkable materialization experiments from the “next world” through the mediumship of David Thompson.

Any reader who picks up Mr. Zammit’s book will see by his empirical evidence, his truth, his honesty and his clarity of mind that he has taken the time to investigate the true purpose of the human soul’s transition from the state of living within the Earth vibration to the state of what is known as the next life.

There is much information contained within these pages that readers, be they novice or learned in the understanding of life after death, will find interesting.

This book can surely change the inquirer’s mind to understand that [whereas] once they thought that death was the end, that their mind will be released of the bondage of uncertainty and that they will surely see that life exists beyond the grave.

Mr. Zammit has done a great service to humanity by allowing the world to share with his findings.

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The Scole Experiment
by Grant Solomon - Jane Solomon

This book chronicles probably the most extraordinary results and evidence of a five-year investigation by a group of English researchers into life after death.

During the experiments at Scole, eye witnesses saw photographic and video evidence from sealed film rolls that were not shot by a camera, spirit materializations, apports (objects appearing out of thin air), levitation, orbs moving in and out of the bodies of the participants, and more.

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Is There An Afterlife?: A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence
by David Fontana

This book presents the most complete survey to date of the evidence, both historical and contemporary, for survival of physical death.

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