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The Dawn of Another Life - The Star Circle of the Spirit World

The Dawn of Another Life - The Star Circle of the Spirit World
by William W. Aber

There is no system of religion or philosophy, no new theory or science that Spiritualism does not embrace.

It has obtained a foothold among men that no other religion or science has been able to reach in regard to a future life. Like other reformations we have and are building such powerful auxiliaries to the success and growth of Spiritualism that no force can disturb its progress. We hope to make this work plain and comprehensive to its readers. All of this and much more is now easily to be learned by any one who will investigate and study the constantly increasing literature of Spiritualism at the present day.

The short, terse paragraphs and independent sentences contained in the three books, Rending the Vail, Beyond the Vail, and the Guiding Star, have given food to the hungry soul. This book will be entirely written by us, different than the other three books, being fully satisfied that the thoughts and expressions contained in this book will richly repay for the time consumed in their study, and that they will throw much needed light in what Spiritualism is, and what Spiritualists believe; this book is herewith presented to the public.

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