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The Next Beyond

The Next Beyond
by Anonymous

The text of this book belongs to the class known as automatic writing. However one explains the phenomenon, it is too well authenticated to be denied, and always it is a psychic and never a spiritual proceeding. Not all messages coming into a wireless station are of equal value or interest; and likewise not all script received through a relaxed physical and an active subconscious mechanism is worthy of credence or publicity. The psychic is, however, the intermediary between the material and the spiritual, and may be the vehicle for sending truths beyond our earthly experience. By spiritual, I do not mean the so-called realm of spirits, necessarily, but that high and dimly glimpsed condition, Eeality, with which both metaphysics and religion deal. And occasionally words, psychically received, merit the opinion that they are of spiritual import and origin, and such I boldly claim these to be.
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