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The Best in Magic

The Best in Magic
by Bruce Elliott

Dust jacket notes: "One of the most popular experts writing on magic today here presents over a hundred brand-new tricks. They are subtle, easy to do, and require little or no apparatus. The inventions of some of our greatest magicians, these are sleights that involve a minimum of practice but achieve a maximum of effect. Here are card tricks that are almost fool-proof, and others that require some skill and more practice. Sleights for close-up performing, where the magic takes place right under the noses of the audience, and tricks with paper-folding, an ancient art adapted to modern magic, are outlined and shown in diagrams. The author also includes tricks with coins and paper-money, rings, ropes and silks. Mr Elliott reveals how the 'expert' at the card table operates; and he exposes the secrets of 'mind-reading'. The final section of the book offers several routines that incorporate a series of deceptions, particularly useful for the amateur magician who expects some time to be on stage. Sixty-eight full pages of how-to-do-it line drawings illustrate these tricks."

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