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Life Before Life

Life Before Life
by Helen Wambach

From Back Cover:

Life Before Life is psychologist Helen Wambach's extraordinary book that explores the fascinating answers to questions asked of 750 subjects under hypnosis about life before birth. Dr. Wambach's two year study persuaded her that "90% of the people who come to me definitely flash on images from a past life...I am convinced that the time has come to study rigorously the plausibility of reincarnation."

Some of the questions asked were:

Did you choose to be born?

Why did you choose the 20th century?

Have you chosen your sex for this coming llifetime?

Have you known your mother-to-be in a past life?

Are you aware now, before you are born, of others you will know in the coming lifetime? Will you know them as lovers or mates? Will you know them as friends? Will they be your childen?

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