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Reliving Past Lives

Reliving Past Lives
by Helen Wambach

Helen Wambach, a noted psychologist, professor, and therapist, assembled over 1,000 subjects in small workshops and under hypnosis regressed them to specified time periods in the past. Each subject  was given a posthypnotic suggestion that enabled him or her to fill a data sheet documenting the experiences of that past life, and pinpointing the place on the map in which it was lived.

The data sheets provided the most of the verifiable evidence in Wambach's study. These lives were lived in different parts of the world, and the distribution agrees with the known population densities of these areas at the appropriate historical times. Because each recall is individual, there would be no way that telepathy, fantasy, or chance alone could determine the way in which the cumulative statistics emerged when the data was evaluated. These data build an impressive case for the existence of past lives.

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