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In the Land of the Living Dead: An Occult Story

In the Land of the Living Dead: An Occult Story
by Prentiss Tucker


  • Chapter I: A Visit to the Invisible Planet.
  • Chapter II: A Sergeant's Experience after Passing Out.
  • Chapter III: A Soul Flight.
  • Chapter IV: Back to Earth – A Pretty Nurse.
  • Chapter V: The Elder Brother in the Flesh.
  • Chapter VI: A Doughboys Ideas on ReIigion.
  • Chapter VII: Helping a Slain Soldier to Comfort his Mother.
  • Chapter VIII: A Study of Auras.
  • Chapter IX: An Experience with Nature Spirital.
  • Chapter X: A Crisis in Love.
  • Chapter XI: Light Again.


IT ALL came about from a German high-explosive shell.

Nothing happens without a cause. We might say that this story began in Germany when Gretchen Hammerstein put the finishing touches on a certain high-explosive shell and with the contact of her fingers filled the ahelI with the vibrations of her hatred for the Americans. We might note the various occurrences which, each the result of an endless train of circumstances, contributed to the fact that this particular shell was brought to the German front at just such a time and just such a place. But to follow up theae lines of happenings, almost infinite in number, would require an infinitude of patience.

So we will take up the history of events when this high-explosive shell burat in the American trenches, scattering, besides its material and visible charge and fragments, the hatred for Americans which Gretchen Hammerstein had packed into it.

Jimmie Weatman was leaning against the trench mall nearest the German line and was peering through the well camoflaged peephole which was used to watch the dreary and awful wastes of No Biana Land in guarding against any surprise attack. The shell burst within a few feet in front of him and to the rear, but Jimmie did not know it. It was, in fact, a long time before he found out just what had happened, and it is of the things which came inbetween the bursting of the shell and the time when Jimmie was able to reconstruct the whole affair, that I wish to tell.

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