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Some Science Adventures with Real Magic

Some Science Adventures with Real Magic
by William A. Tiller, Walter E. Dibble

This book provides the reader with an encapsulation of all the key experimental psychoenergetics observations made by Professor Tiller ande his group over the past 35 years. It reveals the true nature of the human acupuncture meridian/chakra system and how "sacred" spaces are created. It shows that the physical vacuum is not really empty and that, under the proper conditions, our digital measurement instruments can reveal a sum of contributions from two unique levels of physical reality. The book describes a new energy in nature that produces a very long range information entanglement and appears to be related to movement of magnetic charge in the vacuum level of reality. Finally, it uses the experimental data to formulate theoretically a new reference frame for viewing nature, one that encompasses both conventional spacetime science and the new psychoenergetic phenomena.

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