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Interpret Astrology - The House Combinations

Interpret Astrology - The House Combinations
by Michael Erlewine

This 332-page book contains 276 Astro*Images, which are tarot-cards for astrology covering all the major house system combinations used by professional astrologers.In addition to the Astro*Image cards, are 552 written text interpretations by astrologer Michael Erlewine, which cover both natal (birth) and transit (sky today) interpretations.

This book is intended as a self-reading horoscope and guide to interpreting natal horoscopes or charts as related to the twelve astrological houses. The book includes complete interpretations of the planets in each of the twelve houses, the meaning of the 12 zodiac signs on each of the twelve houses (cusps), and an interpretation of each planetary body in the twelve zodiac signs. Also included is an introduction to the theory of the astrological houses. Jargon aside, this is a book for beginners and professionals alike, filled with lovely images and text.

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