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Outside the Gates of Science

Outside the Gates of Science
by Damien Broderick

The paranormal--phenomena "beyond the normal," manifested by apparent experiences of telepathy, remote viewing, psycho kinesis, and precognition, or the prediction of future events--has been comfortably dismissed as fiction by many reasonable folk. But as 21st-century science explores the world of quantum mechanics--where one particle can be in many places at the same time--what has seemed impossible becomes just another part of our strange universe.

Award-winning author Damien Broderick, PhD, investigates possible relationships between parapsychology, evolutionary biology, and quantum (and other) physics. Here is a serious but popular treatment of paranormal claims and current attempts to explain them. Broderick has been in direct contact with many of the major players in this curious realm, including the scientific director of the long-classified US government-supported study known under various codenames and, as Star Gate, closed in 1995 by the CIA. But the research continues, now privately funded. Can we predict the future? Read other minds? Outside the Gates of Science suggests we just might be able to do so.

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