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Gods, Genes, and Consciousness

Gods, Genes, and Consciousness
by Paul Von Ward

Whether you call them gods, angels, ETs, aliens, or spirit entities, sufficient proof now exists to make the case that history has been influenced by beings more advanced than humans. The evidence suggests they shaped our religions, genes, technology, and cultures. In fact, the impetus for modern civilization appears due to their intervention.

Analysis of all types of reported nonhuman consciousness reveals a generic category the author calls Advanced Beings, or ABs. A review of sacred texts, myths and legends, and contemporary reports shows all such entities fit into a natural universe. It includes allegedly divine beings, heavenly hosts, guardians, ascended masters, and intelligences from other planets or other dimensions. Whether from the Pleiades or Yahweh’s Heaven, historical, archeological, and scientific evidence now shows we’ve had their help along the way.

While scientists, religious leaders, and governments continue to ignore or deny it, our very identity as a species and its psychological health hang in the balance. How to deal with the effects of such contacts lies at the center of a covert struggle for control of human consciousness.

Startlingly, Von Ward explains why institutions do not want to address this question. And he shows how generations have been conditioned to ignore or suppress a significant part of their experience, despite the fact that thousands daily still claim contact with a God or another AB.

How did humans reach the point where leaders claim to speak for God in such conflicting ways? Paul Von Ward, also author of Our Solarian Legacy, says resolving the religious and ideological divisions that energize modern terrorism requires people, East and West, to re-examine the origins of notions like "divine revelation," "chosen people," and "a supernatural religion."

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