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A Soul's Journey

A Soul's Journey
by Peter Richelieu

Henry is grief-stricken over the wartime death of his brother Charles, a pilot in the RAF. His mourning brings on such a state of depression that he cries out for help in understanding this cruel blow. Unexpectedly, his plea is answered, in the form of Acharya, a Hindu adept who calls on Henry at his home in Ceylon. When Henry asks, Why are you here? Acharya responds, You sent for me. Acharya explains that Charles is very much alive, and offers to demonstrate this fact first hand. So he arranges to meet Henry on the astral plane after he falls asleep at night but it is not just Acharya that Henry meets, but Charles himself!

Henry learns how the inner being of every human remains alive after the moment of death, and can interact with loved ones as they sleep, even though the loved ones usually have no memory of this fact when they awaken in the morning. Henry eagerly accepts Acharya's tutelage and guidance as he explores the seven subplanes of the astral world and the mental plane as well. In the process, he learns about the devic kingdom, from fairies to angels, and their special relationship with humanity. He also learns about karma, reincarnation, purgatory, evolution, and much more.

This edition is a reprint and features a preface written by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.

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