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Rending the Vail - Given by Spirits through and by means of Full-Form Visible Materialization

Rending the Vail - Given by Spirits through and by means of Full-Form Visible Materialization
by J.H. Nixon, William W. Aber




Minutes, descriptions, and explanations of occurrences at seĢances of the Psychic Society known as the Aber Intellectual Circle, and copies of some of the writings, vocalizations, portraits of materializations, diagrams, and etchings produced by full-form visible materializations.


A compilation of psychic writings, vocalizations, and spirit orations referred to in Part First.

RENDING THE VAIL, it is believed, is so arranged as to need no introduction and explanation other than the reader can readily obtain by direction of its marginal references and its rather copious index to matter set out in the book.

This much, however, of explanation may be of service to some readers: No effort has been made in editing to compile seriatim, other than the order in which the matter was given and recorded originally, farther than to separate the principal writings and orations, and placing each author's productions in a body of appropriate credit. This necessitates the book in two parts.

The reader will find in this book a sharp criticism of the popular assumption of creative energy, not stopping, however, at negation, but setting forth the great affirmative psycho-scientific atomic antithetical assumption, to-wit: That

"The atom centers in itself properties of all forms and conditions of actual existence; is the central point from which all creative energy proceeds; the basis of all that manifests form; HOLDS WITHIN ITSELF THE KEY to unlock the portals of individuality, and contains all laws of force; is, therefore, eternally self existent." See paragraphs 1240-1242, 2695.

That life and spirit are not the result of material form and organization, but the cause of it all; and:

That all material form is but clothing of the indwelling spirit, according to the needs of its evolutionary attainments; that life is not the result of evolution, but that evolution is the unfolding by aggregation of power, force, law, life, and intelligence eternally innate to the atom.

And, finally, that this book shows future life of mankind in continued conscious individuality to be a demonstrable reality, tracing the same from its innate atomic existence along evolutionary lines through carnate form to highest excarnate angelhood.

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