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Visits By Our Friends From the Other Side

Visits By Our Friends From the Other Side
by Tom Harrison

This, Tom Harrison's original book about the amazing psychic/spiritual phenomena of 'materialisation' they had through his mother's mediumship, is being reprinted by special request of several friends who like to give it as a gift to those they feel need its help.

Throughout the 8 years the circle was able to sit they had the whole range of phenomena from apports to voices and fully formed Spirit people standing amongst them. Four years after Tom originally had this book printed he realised that he had omitted to mention anything about life in the Spirit world and so a folded loose sheet was inserted with each copy; the following year another sheet with the extract from Col. Dixon Smith's book 'New Light on Survival' was also added.

This book is reproduced as Tom first set it up but with the two extra pieces now included in the book itself. The story is more fully told in 'Life After Death: Living Proof' (2008) but this is an introduction to the subject.

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