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Christian Astrology

Christian Astrology
by William Lilly


Then he is Riotous, Expenfive, wholly given to Loofneffe and Lewd companies of Women, nothing regarding his Reputation, coveting unlawful Beds, Inceftuous, an Adulterer, Fantaftical, a meer Skip-jack, of no Faith, no Repute, no Credit... -from "Of the Planet Venus and her feverall fignifications and nature"

William Lilly was the most prominent English astrologer of the 17th century-he supposedly predicted the Great Fire of London of 1666 fourteen years earlier-and in 1647, he published this guide to horary astrology, in which astrological charts are created to answer specific questions. It is still considered an authority on the subject.

Book One of this astonishing work explains the characteristics and motions of the "seven" planets, how to cast a horary horoscopes, and how to know whether events predicted will come to pass or not, and more. Readers interested in the history of the paranormal, as well as contemporary fans of astrology, will find this a fascinating book. Also available from Cosimo Classics: Christian Astrology: Book Two and Christian Astrology: Book Three. English astrologer WILLIAM LILLY (1602-1681) was a trusted advisor of numerous politicians and soldiers, and an influential player in the English Civil War on the anti-royal Roundhead factions.

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