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The Astrology of Space

The Astrology of Space
by Michael Erlewine

Astrologer Michael Erlewine pioneered deep-space astrology back in 1976 when he published "Astrophysical Directions." This updated version of that classic work contains all new illustrations and thousands of key stellar and deep-space points described and converted into easy-to-use astrological zodiac format.Read about any celestial object, see how to interpret it, and plug it into your own natal chart to see how it affects you.

This book takes the reader from the surface of the earth itself and explains the basic astronomy of modern astrology. Erlewine then ventures beyond the earth to the near stars, the Local System of stars, and out to our Galaxy, local Supergalaxy, and beyond showing readers first how to understand and then interpret the vast number of celestial objects beyond Earth. Erlewine explains and catalogs these deep space points, objects like radio, infrared, and X-ray stars, Pulsars, Quasars, and Black Holes not to mention the fixed stars.

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