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The Human Aura

The Human Aura
by Swami Panchadasi

This is a wonderful book that goes deep into the reality of the human aura which is said to be the subtle, invisible emanation radiating from every individual. The human aura is believed to be an energy field surrounding the body. Those gifted with a psychic sense and are able to perceive it. Glowing colors associated with the aura are said to change with mood or emotion. True occult knowledge is practical power and strength. With practice, one can begin seeing and reading auras for themselves. The book teaches method to develop a strong positive aura. Also it covers human magnetism, thought forms and the effects of colors. We guarantee that The Human Aura is a valuable book for all those interested in developing occult powers. The human aura is seen to be composed of all the colors of the spectrum, the combinations of colors differing in various persons, and constantly shifting in the case of every person. These colors reflect the mental and emotional states of the person in whose aura they are manifested.


Chapter I. What Is the Human Aura The subtle, invisible emanation radiating from every individual. An ethereal radiation. The egg-shaped human nebula. Psychic atmosphere sensed by everyone, but seen by but few. The clairvoyant vision. The phosphorescent flame, and luminous cloud. The colors in the aura and what they mean. Effect of mental states, emotion and passion, upon its aura. The human aura is a very important and interesting phase of every personality. The finer forces, the most powerful.

Chapter II. The Prana Aura Prana, the Vital Force, Life Essence. How it affects the human aura. Health Aura. Physical Aura. Health Magnetism. Peculiar appearance of Prana Aura. How animals follow trails of Prana Aura particles. The tiny electric sparks, and vibratory movements. How one may perceive the vibrations of Prana Aura. Interesting experiments. Seeing Prana Aura by ordinary vision. Prana Aura and Magnetic Healing.

Chapter III. The Astral Colors Each mental or emotional state has its own astral hue, tint, shade or color. The Primary Colors, Red, Blue and Yellow. The Secondary Colors, Green, Orange and Purple. The combinations of Olive, Russet and Citrine. Black and White, and how formed. Key to the Astral Colors. Red the Physical Color; Blue, the Spiritual; Yellow, the Mental. White and Black the two poles of Spirituality. Rainbow astral colors. Whirlpools of flame. Flashes of astral light. A wonderful phenomena. Practice will enable almost everyone to perceive plainly the outlines of the Prana Aura. Chapter IV. The Astral Colors (Continued) Interpretations of the Astral Color Group. The Red Group. The varying reds of vitality and health; the shades of love; high and low; the crimson of sensuality; the scarlet plane of anger and passion. The Yellow Group of Orange, and the Pride of Intellect. The Golden Yellow of Intellectual Attainment. The haloes of the great teachers. The lemon hue of inferior intellect. The Green Group. The high and low greens. The green of love of nature. The green of Altruism. The green of sympathy. The dull green of insincerity and deceit. The ruddy green of Jealousy and malice. The Blue Group. The great souls of the spiritual and religious emotions. The Brown Group. The Gray Group. Black Group. White Group. The Great White light.

Chapter V. The Aura Kaleidoscope What the astral body is composed of. Also the etheric double. The ever changing clouds of aura coloring. Placid scenes and furious storms of the Aura. Opalescent effects. The pearly color of the etheric substance. The Aura of mental activity. The Aura of reverie or sleep. The Aura of anger and passion. The Aura of hate. The Aura of love. The Aura of churches, prisons, hospitals and places of vice. The Aura of character and of passing feeling. Astral atmospheres of buildings and places. Collective and composite auras. A key to some great and deep occult teachings, and esoteric mysteries. How the trained occultist is able to ascertain the character, and tendencies of a person.

Chapter VI. Thought Form

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