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The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids

The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids
by Edward Davies

This work discusses the mythology and rites of the British druids ascertained by national documents and compared with the general traditions and customs of heathenism, as illustrated by the most eminent antiquaries of the age. With an appendix containing ancient poems and extracts with some remarks on ancient British coins.

THE first section of the ensuing Essay, effects the principal objects of a Preface; yet the Author has not the confidence to intrude upon his Reader, without premising a few pages, to bespeak his attention, and conciliate his esteem without offering some apology for the nature of his subject, and the manner in which it has been treated. To some persons, the utility of such a work may not be obvious. It may be asked What interest has the present age, in a mew of the errors and prejudices of the Pagan Britons? To obviate this, and similar inquiries, I would suggest the reflection, that the history of mankind is, in a great measure, the history of errors and prejudices that the superstition we have now to contemplate, however absurd in itself, affected the general tone of thinking in several districts of Britain 'that its influence continued to recent times, and has scarcely vanished at the present day. To an age of general inquiry, an investigation of the form and principles of this superstition, must surely be a subject of interest. In our times, a split of research, which few are so unjust as to impute to idle curiosity, embraces all the regions of the known world: and is our own country the only spot that must be deemed unworthy of our attention?

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