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True Hallucinations: The Talking Book

True Hallucinations: The Talking Book
by Terrence McKenna

Read by Terence McKenna. TRUE HALLUCINATIONS is an outrageous tale of high adventure and millenarian hope. This head trip par excellence carries the listener from the Himalayas to the jungles of the Amazon. A true saga of seeking and confronting the secrets behind the psychedelic experience. 9 and 1/2 hours, (9 CDs) of voice and sound tapestry will astound and inspire inner voyagers.

TERENCE McKENNA, author and reader of TRUE HALLUCINATIONS was an explorer of nature's gifts to consciousness for over fifty years. From the early '80s, while teamed with Sound Photosynthesis' Faustin Bray and Brian Wallace, Terence reawakened a new generation to the richness of the bardic tradition combined with "old radio" theater. The three created this most original style that allows performed literature to be simultaneously experenced by large groups of listeners. The "Talking Book" and "Audiolly Illuminated Manuscript" format was defined by including the voices of enlightened friends, relations and recordings on location in South America and Asia, making this mix an extraordinary documentary time capsule of our late 20th century global culture.

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