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The Gokai Blessing Ceremony

The Gokai Blessing Ceremony
by James Deacon


The Gokai - the Five Principles or Precepts - are, at very least, important keys to the system that is Usui Reiki Ryoho.
In the simple statements of the Gokai are to be found a distillation Usui-sensei's teachings - the very essence of his Reiho - his 'Spiritual Method'
Perhaps it is fair to say that they are not just 'important' but rather 'VITAL' - that they are the very CORE of Usui-sensei's system .
Now, although students are usually introduced to the Five Reiki Principles as part of level one training and the Principles are discussed in far greater depth at level two, it seems that a high percentage of students – possibly due to the
apparent simplicity of the concepts involved - do not really 'get' the true importance of the Gokai within Usui Reiki Ryoho at all.

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