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The Life Beyond the Veil Book 2 - The Highlands of Heaven

The Life Beyond the Veil Book 2 - The Highlands of Heaven
by Rev. George Vale Owen


This volume contains the second of a series of communications from beyond the veil received and written down by the Rev. G. Vale Owen, Vicar of Orford, Lancashire.

The messages in this volume are complete in themselves and all are given by one who calls himself Zabdiel and who in the opening line of the messages describes himself as the guide of Mr. Vale Owen.

Following on the communications which Mr. Vale Owen received from his mother, and which terminated on October 30, 1913, in rather an abrupt manner, Mr. Vale Owen again sat in the vestry of the Parish Church, Oxford, on the evening of November 3 and received by automatic writing the words "Zabdiel your guide is here." From that date and until the evening of January 3, 1914, a series of communications amounting to some 6o,ooo words and occupying some thirty-seven sittings were given by this communicator.

These messages cover a wider range than those the Vicar received from his mother. The inter-relation of this and the after life is more fully explained both in narrative and exposition; and in the last message of all the highest note of spiritual rapture is reached.


  • An Appreciation by Lord Northcliffe
  • Preface
  • General Notes
  • Angelic Love
    Introductory – Divine Love, Human blindness, Evil and good, Evolution, Unity in diversity
    Men and Angels – Degrees of light in the spheres, Geometrical astronomy, The orbit of human life, Angel visitants to earth, The wrestling of Jacob, The power of a name, Courage in thinking, The Divinity of the Christ, Love and its opposite "Now we see through a glass darkly", Zabdiel's Heavenly Home.
    The Earthly and the Heavenly – Recurring science, Tales of faerie and magic, The passing of materialism, The inter-relation of the Spheres, Purified by suffering, Origin of species, Man's place in the universe.
    Earth the Vestibule of Heaven – Inspiration, Like attracts like, The squire and his wife Our spiritual status, The man who thought he knew, The Penalty Of Spiritual blindness.
    The Science of the Heavens – Transmission of spiritual power, The relation of Spirit to matter, Consider the Heavens, The web of light, Spiritual reality, The reality of Heaven, The City by the lake Old comrades meet, The Temple and its Sanctuary
    The Summerland of God – "Teach me Thy way", The glade of the statue, Flora of the Tenth Sphere, The Sanctuary of Festivals, A Heavenly vista, The meeting at the Valley of the Peaks, The meeting with Harolen, To the Gate of the Sea-Laus Deo, The altar on the raft, "One Lord, One Faith", A Heavenly Transfiguration, The Son of Man
    The Highlands of Heaven – Zabdiel's tour of inspection, At the Children's Home, A lesson in creative faith, At the village of Bepel, Joy and sorrow of the Angels, Into the Highlands, The Highland Watch-tower, How messages are received there, A Horizon of Glory, Walls of light, Motherhood enthroned, The Crimson Glory of the Christ, A colony with a problem
    Come, Ye Blessed, and Inherit – Zabdiel's mission to the Fifth Sphere, The Capital City of Sphere Five, Zabdiel's test of the faithful women, The constitution of Sphere Five, Into the Sixth Sphere, The Initiation in the Sanctuary, Back in the Tenth Sphere, The Temple of the Holy Mount, The King of Kings, The Power and the Glory, Zabdiel's farewell
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