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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell
by Emanuel Swedenborg

In his most popular and influential work, Swedenborg describes his journeys through the afterlife, the soul's experience of dying and then being resurrected in heaven, how each of us finds a community there in which to live, and how we can ultimately become angels. Heaven and Hell is a powerful affirmation that we are all born for heaven, regardless of background or religion.

A Swedish Enlightenment scientist of extraordinary accomplishment, Swedenborg underwent a spiritual crisis that led to an unparalleled series of paranormal experiences. He spent his last twenty-seven years in almost daily experience of heaven and hell, recording his observations and conversations, many of which are reported in Heaven and Hell. This sustained and detailed description of the nonphysical realms has left its impression on the minds of many great thinkers, including Goethe, Blake, Coleridge, Emerson, Borges, and Milosz.

Originally published anonymously in Latin as De Coelo et Ejus Mirabilibus, et de Inferno, ex Auditis et Visis (London, 1758). Translated by George F. Dole for the Swedenborg Foundation's New Century Edition. © 2000 by the Swedenborg Foundation, Inc. All rights are reserved by the Swedenborg Foundation.

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