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We Don't Die, George Anderson's Conversations with the Other Side

We Don't Die, George Anderson's Conversations with the Other Side
by Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski

Put together by a radio-show personality who worked closely with medium George Anderson, We Don't Die is well documented, well written, and seems veracious. It is one of the most convincing accounts of communication with the deceased.

A gentle religious man, Anderson was almost committed to a state mental hospital at age 16 because of his "visions," but by his 20s, he was helping spirits communicate with friends and relatives still residing on this plane of existence. Approximately 15 percent of the time he's not correct, and this is attributed to mix-ups in human communication or ignorance on the part of the questioner. The information that living folks pass between each other is often relayed or perceived inaccurately, so it seems logical that some perceptive error would occur in communications from the incarnate--particularly since a lot of these are conveyed through images, symbols, and tactile impressions. Anderson's conversations make for an engrossing read not to be missed. – P. Randall Cohan


Traditional mediumship communication with the spirits of dead people has been overshadowed by the current fad for channeling, a technique with variable results. Here, radio/television interviewer Martin describes the work of George Anderson, an ordinary young man who has resisted the show business glamour generally associated with channeling in his apparently sincere efforts to bring comfort to the bereaved by communicating messages from the beyond.

His methods in no way resemble the spooky seances of former years and seem to provide convincing evidence of spiritual survival. A welcome addition to most library collections on survival

Jeanne S. Bagby, Tucson P.L., Ariz.

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