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The Life Elysian

The Life Elysian
by R.J. Lees

The author disclaims all personal responsibility for this remarkable narrative, which he maintains he received direct through spirit agency. He merely plays the role of recorder on behalf of his “Angelic Visitors.” This book continues the adventures of Aphraar, as first told in Through the Mists.

Scarcely any book purporting to be a communication from the Other Side has achieved such lasting popularity. This work, is a narrative of singular charm and fascination, and grips the reader from start to finish by its fine imaginative and descriptive power, and its strong sympathetic appeal. It has well been described as "an occult story of absorbing interest."

First published in 1905, it had been reprinted fifteen times by 1953. As was the case with the first book, Through the Mists, the spirit narrators make every effort to reconcile that which Aphraar finds, with what the Bible says. There are a great many Bible references, more than sufficient to qualify this work as being Biblically based, yet the explanations of what occurs after death are greatly at variance with that which orthodox preachers hold to be true. Nevertheless, the spirit narrators find such references in the Bible as to illustrate that it is not the Bible that is responsible for the current orthodox beliefs. If you are a genuine seeker after Truth, and particularly if you hold the Bible in great esteem, this is a work that you should not miss.

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