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School Of Out-Of-Body Travel

School Of Out-Of-Body Travel
by Michael Raduga

Now, out-of-body experience is accessible to everyone. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. It is new way for obtaining information, influencing the physiology, meeting the deceased, visiting any place in the universe etc. This guidebook is the result of ten years of extremely active personal practice and study of the the phase state (lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience), coupled with having successfully taught it to thousands of people. I know all of the problems that are usually run into when getting to know this phenomenon, and have tried to protect future practitioners from them. This guidebook was not created for those who prefer empty reading. It is for those who would like to learn something. It contains no speculations or stories, only dry facts and techniques. Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing difficult about this phenomenon. The techniques work in literally a couple of attempts. More info and full FREE version on

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