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Infinite Mind

Infinite Mind
by Valerie Hunt

'Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations' presents the first comprehensive human energy model based on 25 years of sophisticated electronic field research and clinical studies. It clarifies metaphysical deductions from physics, evaluates clinical suppositions, and should supercede the ancient inadequate explanations of the past.

Join Dr. Valerie Hunt as she takes you on a journey of discovery into the vibrant electromagnetic radiation field as it changes during human interaction and with environmental conditions. Simple research and graphics show the correlations of field waves and auric colors and the field coherency and anti-coherency in health and illness.

Dr. Hunt's major discovery of the human field 'chaos' pattern, the first ever demonstrated in biological systems, has profound implications for healing. These energy field findings, combined with human interest stories, lead to stunning new information about the mind and body, the emotions and creativity, extrasensory human capacities in higher consciousness, and the mystical connections of spirit.

Holding advanced degrees in psychology and physiological science from Columbia University, Dr. Hunt was the first to discover vibration patterns during pain, disease, and illness, and in emotional and spiritual states, Dr. Hunt has found scientific evidence of individualized field signatures and subtle energetic happenings between people and within groups.

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