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Kirlian Photography - Fact and Fiction

Kirlian Photography - Fact and Fiction
by John Iovine, Triple Ace Productions

Since the 1970's there has been much reported on and written about Kirlian photography. Some of these reports make phenomenal claims regarding the usefulness of Kirlian photography. For instance; is a Kirlian photography of a person a picture of the body's aura, or soul? What does science have to say about that claim? Can Kirlian photography forecast illnesses before it become physically manifested? What about the claims that you can read a person's health, personality and emotional state? What about the phantom leaf effect?

This is where a small portion of a leaf is removed, and in subsequent Kirlian photographs of the leaf, show the removed portion of the leaf as a ghostly apparition. Has there been any real scientific inquiry that studied the phantom leaf effect noted by Kirlian photographers? If so, what are the scientific results? These questions and more are answered in this documentary, "Kirlian Photography: Fact and Fiction"