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Darklore Volume 5

Darklore Volume 5
by Greg Taylor, Robert Schoch, Erik Davis

Darklore is an anthology of Forteana, hidden history, the paranormal and esoteric science. Bringing together some of the top researchers and writers on topics from outside of mainstream science and history, Darklore will challenge your preconceptions by revealing the strange dimensions veiled by consensus reality. Featuring contributions from Nick Redfern, Erik Davis, Blair Blake, Theo Paijmans, Mike Jay, David Luke, Martin Shough, Greg Taylor and many others, Volume 5 of Darklore offers only the best writing and research from the most respected individuals in their fields. In Darklore Volume 5 you'll find discussions of subjects such as the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting, the writings of H.G. Wells and H.P. Lovecraft, the mysteries of Easter Island and the entities encountered during DMT trips. Find out more about the book - including free sample articles - at the Darklore website:

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