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The nature of spiritual existence, and spiritual gifts, given through the mediumship of Mrs. Cora L.V. Richmond

The nature of spiritual existence, and spiritual gifts, given through the mediumship of Mrs. Cora L.V. Richmond
by Cora L.V. Richmond, G.H. Hawks


The Fifteen Discourses comprising this work were delivered in the order here arranged, in San Francisco, during the spring and summer of 1883, and are published with the consent and approval of their authors.

To those unfamiliar with spirit control it may be of some interest to know that Mrs. Richmond in all her public speaking is in a trance or unconscious state, the influencing spirit using the voice and controlling all the movements of the body with ease and grace. Every discourse is preceded by an appropriate prayer, and usually at the close a poetic control gives an impromptu poem upon a subject selected by the audience.

These pages bear a power and an intrinsic merit which is their own commendation, and which has called them forth. The profound interest and attention with which these discourses were received by the people of San Francisco I believe to be a cheering indication of the feelings that will be kindled in the world-wide audience, which also shall listen to them through the agency of the phonographers art and the printing press.

Whatever may be the cast and state of your mind, thoughtful reader, and whatever your knowledge and interpretation of human life, I am confident you will find herein much that your inner self will respond to, many anxious inquiries answered, much to relieve in the great hour of sorrow, much to console and uplift from the dicouragements and severities of the earthly pilgrimage, much to call forth the sublimity of your nature and challenge your admiration, much to silence pride and uncharitable thoughts; and through all these pages you cannot fail to notice a great, pleading voice of love that would lead you calmly, intelligently, surely upward into the consciousness of an exalted, abiding spiritual life.



  • Spirit Life
  • Spirit States that Border on the Material
  • Homes and Associations in Spirit Life
  • Extreme States in Spirit Life
  • Occupations and Employments in Spirit Life
  • Occupations of Geniuses in Spirit Life
  • The Condition in Spirit Life of Kleptomaniac, and those afflicted with other mental and moral disorders
  • The Methodsof Communion between the Spiritual and Material Worlds
  • Mediumship
  • The Gift of Healing
  • The Gift of Prophecy
  • The Gift of Working Wonders
  • The Gift of Knowledge
  • A Summary of Spiritual Gifts – Which is the Best Gift?
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