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The Awesome Life Force

The Awesome Life Force
by Joseph H. Cater

The deeper mysteries of the universe have always been considered beyond human understanding. Everything in the process of creation proceeds from the simple to the more complex. Every mechanical or electronic device, regardless of its complexity, operates according to a very few simple and easily understandable principles. It follows that the universe should also comply with the same pattern, regardless of its near infinite complexity. This will be proven during the course of this treatise.

The test for the validity of a theory is its ability to explain and even predict a wide range of phenomena. The principles and concepts introduced in this treatise live up to this standard. Some of the most baffling phenomena known serve as confirmation of the truth contained in these ideas.

For the first time in history of this civilization, the seemingly impossible has been achieved. The physical sciences, the occult, metaphysics, and even philosophy have all been combined into a unified whole with no sharp lines separating them. This makes possible a far deeper insight into each of these subjects than was available before.

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