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Answers to Forty Questions Concerning the Soul

Answers to Forty Questions Concerning the Soul
by Jacob Boehme

"The author wrote this answer to these questions, chiefly for his friend's sake that sent them to him, as also for the benefit of all such as love the knowledge of Mysteries: this friend who traveled for learning and hidden wisdom, and in his return home, happened to hear of this author in the city of Gorlitz; and when he had obtained acquaintance with him, he rejoiced, that at last he had found at home, in a poor cottage, that which he had traveled for so far, and not received satisfaction: then he went to the several universities in Germany, and did there collect such questions concerning the soul, as were thought and accounted impossible to be resolved fundamentally and convincingly; which he made this catalog of, and sent to this author, from whom he received these answers according to his desire, wherein he and many others that saw them received full satisfaction.

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