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Tanks for the Memories - Floatation Tank Talks

Tanks for the Memories - Floatation Tank Talks
by Dr. John C. Lilly, E. J. Gold

"The floatation tank has always been a gateway into what is unknown and what is possible. This book is a guide to making the unknown possible. Information and insights about the tank are finally floating to the surface; these talks are important keys to further opening this gateway..." -- Michael Hutchison, author of The Book of Floating. "I slip into the tank and close the door -- shutting off the last I'll know of light and noise. I can't see or hear a thing. It's a bit disconcerting, not knowing if my eyes are open or shut, but as for the unearthly lack of sound, I find I miss life's constant background noise about as much as one might miss a toothache..." -- Cosmopolitan.

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