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Moving Objects with Your Mind: The Power of Psychokinesis

Moving Objects with Your Mind: The Power of Psychokinesis
by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

An easy and fun way to influence your life and the world around you.

This handy e-book reveals the exciting possibilities of PK, just a few of which include preventing or reversing illness, promoting health and well-being, achieving your personal goals, and even slowing the aging process.

Psychokinesis is psychic empowerment in its most basic form. Called PK for short, this incredible practice involves moving or influencing physical objects or situations without any outside help or tools. We all have this ability, and this engaging guide is all you need to get started right away.

In a series of clear, easy-to-follow steps, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Dr. Joe Slate guide you through the five stages of induced PK. Learn how to apply this ability for stress reduction, accident avoidance, pain elimination, and more.

—Sharpen your skills by performing simple and enjoyable exercises
—Discover the heightened effectiveness of group PK
—Engage in the author’s unique plans for rejuvenation and wellness
—Influence situations and objects in order to bring forth desired outcomes

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